How To Store NMN – How Long Does NMN Last?

Recent improvements in production techniques have led to a very stable form of NMN that retains 100 percent potency for 3 months and over 98 percent potency for 6 months at temperatures ranging from 39.2 to 104 degrees fahrenheit .

Some confusion was created recently by a Dr. Rhonda Patrick podcast in which Dr. David Sinclair stated that NMN needed to be refrigerated.

More than likely, he was referring to an older stock of NMN used in his lab experiments, however we only carry the latest, most stable version of pharmaceutical grade NMN which lasts longer and does not require refrigeration.

Due to high demand, our stock of NMN is always fresh. Therefore if you purchase our NMN and don’t plan on using it for 3 months or longer, it’s recommended to store it in the freezer in order to maintain fullest potency.

Please note that if dissolved in water, NMN will degrade after one week.

We also recommend keeping your NMN in its original container. For additional questions, please feel free to contact us.
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