How To Slow Ageing And Even Reverse It?

Reversing ageing requires an epigenetic reset, which may be possible in the very near future...

What causes ageing?

According to Professor David Sinclair, it is a loss of information in our epigenome, the system of proteins like histones and chemical markers like methylation that turn on and off genes.

Epigenetics allow different cell types to perform their specific functions – they are what differentiate a brain cell from a skin cell. Our DNA is constantly getting broken, by cosmic rays, UV radiation, free radicals, x-rays and regular cell division etc.

When our cells repair that damage, the epigenome is not perfectly reset. And hence over time, noise accumulates in our epigenome. Our cells no longer perform their functions well.

"Ageing Is Reversible — at Least in Human Cells"
Could we actually reverse ageing?
New research suggests it is possible to slow or even reverse ageing. By changing the genes that are responsible for ageing, we may be able to ‘cure’ the ageing process in humans.

Currently, no such technology exists, however there is certainly a lot of promise for what the future may hold.

Supplementation of molecules such as NMN have been show to slow down the effects of ageing and even improve many health markers associated with longevity and vitality.
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