What are NAD+, NMN, and why are they known as “Anti-Ageing Powerhouses”?

What is NMN?

NMN, (also known as Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) is a miraculous molecule that BOOSTS NAD+.

What is NAD+?

NAD+, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a coenzyme that plays a critical role in supporting many biological processes within your body.

Known as the “Fountain Of Youth” studies have shown an 80% improvement for energy production with ageing.

Converts fats, carbs and proteins into energy and ATP.

Maintain cellular energy – youth levels.

NAD+ is required for ALL muscle contractions.

As we age NAD+ decreases rapidly. By the time we are 50 years old, we have lost over 50% of our bodies NAD+.

Essentially we all have to age, but we do not have to get old, we can age while being able to perform physically, mentally and wake up with energy every day. High NAD+ levels help to ensure this.

Up-regulating NAD+ has significant studies that show results in:
Weight loss

Improved energy

Better sleep

Protection against cancer

Improved mood

Increase physical output

Reduced muscle ageing

NAD+ is converted from NMN hence, NMN is a precursor to NAD+. NAD+ is an anti-ageing and high-performance supplement, it reverses signs of ageing from inside your body. NAD+ is crucial for the basic reactions in your cells that keep you alive, and it has many supportive health benefits.

What does NAD+ do?

1. Supports healthy ageing by supercharging blood flow drastically improving fitness, cardio and muscle health

2. Makes cells resistant to stress and protects the brain

3. Helps DNA repair (damaged DNA causes ageing, inflammation, toxicity, oxidation and cancer)

4. Improves sleep, waking energy and control overeating


Energy in our bodies comes from eating food…. kind of. Our bodies still have to break down food into molecules, integrate those molecules with our cells. Furthermore, our cells have to be healthy enough to go through energy conversion processes that depend on DNA, cellular health and plenty of other factors.

Why is this important?

Our bodies digest and assimilate food so we can use it as energy

On a cellular level food gets broken down so tiny that it can create the required cells our body needs

For our cells to do their job and give us energy, they need to extract energy from the digested food

NAD+ is what converts molecules and proteins into energy inside the cells

As we age our blood vessels shrivel and start to die due to decreasing NAD+, hence, healthy NAD+ levels have so many physical + anti-ageing benefits

NAD+ can help protect and increase the flow of blood in our ageing blood vessels

We cannot function without NAD+ it is THAT important

NAD+ increases the energy conversion on a cellular level in the body regardless of age, but as we age it is critical to support NAD+

NAD+ NADH Energy Conversion Cycle:

Process 1: NAD+ is constantly converting energy “picking” up energy (ions) molecules which then becomes NADH. Like turning a magnet on.

Process 2: NADH “drops” the energy off wherever it is required then turns into NAD+ again. Like turning a magnet off.

This critical process allows our enzymes and chemical reactions to work smoothly creating energy by digesting and using microscopic fuel to literally make your whole body thrive.

Reminder: when you get older the ability for this process declines.

Again: luckily there are things you can do to improve this.

Increasing NAD+

The very first and most simple thing you can do is to exercise. You must be exercising regardless. This increases NAD+ and increases SIRT1 pathways. Resistance training is primary and cardio is secondary. Preferably 80% resistance and 20% cardio.

SIRT1: This is your anti ageing pathway.

SIRT1 & NAD+ are the two things that make our cells healthy.

NAD+ boosts SIRT1 which allows communication to occur between blood vessels, muscles and increases growth promoting proteins.

To TRULY increase NAD+ you can take two supplements that are best taken together and that is:

NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide)


Before I explain how these work, think of NMN as the fuel source to NAD+ and SIRT1 pathways and resveratrol as the gas pedal. (You can find these quality products at eternumlabs.com.au)

Why Take NMN Not NAD+?

NAD+ does not get broken down in the stomach, it is too big and gets completely destroyed in the stomach, however, NAD+ is made from NMN and NMN DOES get broken down in the stomach.

The body can digest and use NMN which is the precursor to NAD+ allowing you to reap all of the anti-ageing benefits that come with cellular, blood vessel health and SIRT pathway activation.

You can see Figure 1. below how food gets broken down and when needed to be used as energy converts into NMN and from there, into NAD+.

NR is the vitamin B niacin which helps with NMN and NAD+ production (eat your meat, avocado, mushrooms and potatoes kiddies).

Important to know NAD+ also needs tryptophan and different forms of niacin (vitamin B3) to function. You can get these in supplements and foods such as cherries, turkey beef, eggs and salmon.

Stress and ageing play a large role in the ability for NAD+ to function. Why?

Tryptophan that is used in serotonin pathways and niacin get stripped out of our NAD+ cycles when we come up against stress.

Simply put, the more external and internal stress we experience the more our body uses up all our NAD+ stores. How stressed are you?

When we age our bodies ability to use serotonin and convert tryptophan also decreases.

Due, to our recent culture it is common that many people are too stressed and their health declines with ranges of symptoms from:

Looking older

Gut problems

Mood swings


Reactions to food

Soreness & stiffness

Decline in fitness

Slower recovery

Fatigue easily

Feeling sluggish & low energy levels

To defend ourselves against this stress and health decline I would encourage you to give your body the best chance possible to function optimally for as long as possible.

When we zoom into the cells of our bodies we are blessed to have this knowledge.

We can be confident that supporting our bodies NAD+ processes are truly essential and necessary.

How do we do this?
Build resistance to stress (exercise & push limits)

Remove stress (literally remove stress or change perception)

Provide the body with the nutrients required (Eat foods that contain tryptophan and niacin or supplement with NMN and Resveratrol

Take Resveratrol

Resveratrol is made from compounds found in grape skins when making red wine. It has benefits for expanding blood vessels, lowering blood pressure and aiding in weight loss.

Resveratrol also supports a boost in nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is responsible for increased blood flow around the body. Hence when paired with NMN, it can help NMN get to the cells that need it most.

NMN is the fuel source for cell health, energy and longevity and resveratrol is the pedal or the initiator.

Results From Studies:

NMN and NR (Niacin or B3) have been extensively studied for the past few years concluding that supplementing with these substances have had therapeutic effects, for healthy aging and disease conditions. It is important to know that NMN and NR (Niacin or B3) are continually being studied.

Here are some results from studies:

Supplementation with NMN has been shown to have a positive effect on insulin levels most likely through action on pancreatic beta cells

The pancreatic beta cells look after hormones that regulate metabolism, growth, development, tissue function, sexual function, reproduction, sleep, and mood

They are cells that synthesize, store, and release insulin, a hormone that antagonizes glucagon, growth hormone, adrenaline and other hormones to maintain circulating glucose concentrations

NMN supplementation has also been shown to reduce obesity and vascular damage

NMN has also been reported to improve central nervous system health and increase brain function simultaneously protecting it from toxins and impairment

It has also been shown that NMN can protect against cerebral ischemia-induced apoptosis. Simply, this when blood flow gets blocked to the brain and leads to cell death

NMN increases neurogenesis after a brain injury. This is the process by which new neurons are formed in the brain through converting stem cells into neurons

NMN upregulates Nrf2 pathways. Nrf2 increases the body’s anti-inflammatory process by using and increasing inflammatory cells in antioxidants allowing them to protect the body against oxidative stress in the cells. (This is a really good thing, ice baths and saunas can trigger it too)

NMN has helped with improving Alzheimer’s disease symptoms

NMN can reverse some of the negative consequences of high-fat diets

Figure 2 below from a study shows the cycle of how NAD+ converts to SIRT proteins which activate (UPRmt) mitochondrial enhancement (energy production and conversion in cells). The cycle then goes to show that:



High-fat diet

Sedentary lifestyle

All prevent NAD+ from being converted.

It also shows:

Exercise, fasting i.e. positive stress

The right nutrition to support NR and NMN

PARP proteins involved in DNA repair, genomic stability, and programmed cell death

All Increase and contribute to the conversion of NAD+.

Scientists have known about NAD and its crucial role since 1906. They have learned NAD is found in every living cell, and it powers mitochondria which is responsible for energy and keeping every living cell in the body healthy.

Mitochondria are in all our cells and generate chemical energy needed to power the cell’s biochemical reactions.

Chemical energy produced by the mitochondria is stored in a small molecule called adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

It is important to know this as NAD+ plays a key role in communicating between our cell nucleus and the Mitochondria that power all activity in our cells.
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