10 ways to Boost Metabolism

Improving your metabolism helps you with the overall health and function of the body. It is a way to increase your energy without relying on sugar-filled drinks that also cause you to crash later on. Boosting your metabolism helps with shedding extra weight. Not only will you look and feel better, but this can offset various health problems.

As we get older, it is natural for metabolism to slow down. This can make a person feel sluggish. It can make it harder to maintain a healthy weight. Here are 10 ways to boost metabolism you can incorporate into your lifestyle habits!

Adequate Sleep

Do your best to get enough sleep each night. Some people do well with 6 hours per night. Others require 8 or more. Try to go to bed at the same time each night and get up at the same time each day. This will help you boost your metabolism and feel your best. It is hard to start the day when you are tired or irritable.

A lack of sleep can cause you to eat too much, consume for drinks with sugar and caffeine, and zap your energy. This makes it harder to focus on tasks or to stick with an exercise routine. A lack of sleep can cause certain hormones to get out of balance, causing a person to gain weight.

Coconut Oil for Cooking

Switch to coconut oil for cooking as it has several health benefits, including boosting your metabolism. Your food is going to taste delicious and you can gain additional energy with this change too.


It may surprise you to discover one of the ways to boost your metabolism is to drink coffee! You need to do so in moderation though. Don’t consume coffee in place of eating a meal. Don’t drink it in the evening unless it is decaf or it can prevent you from sleeping well. Be mindful of extras you put in your coffee too. It is best to drink it black but many people like it with cream and sugar. Some of those products can cause you to retain fat and the calories add up quickly!

Drink lots of Cold Water

Flushing toxins from your body helps you stay healthy and it can boost your metabolism. When you consume plenty of cold water, you will stay full between meals. You are less likely to snack or to overeat at meals. Replace sugary drinks with water and you will cut out a significant amount of calories each day without difficulty.

Drinking cold water speeds up your metabolism better than drinking room temperature water. This is because your body has to burn calories to heat that water when you consume it. If you only have room temperature water available, it will still help you boost your metabolism. Try to drink 64 ounces of water per day. Using refillable bottles helps you keep track. Drinking a bottle of water before a meal helps you eat less and aids with digestion.

Green Tea and Oolong Tea

Many people complain they get bored with plain water. Don’t worry, you can mix it up with green tea or oolong tea. Both taste great and will help you avoid boredom with just water. Both of them help to boost metabolism too. Make sure you read labels though because some have additives. Avoid those with high calories or lots of sugar in them. Consume those that have natural ingredients in them to help you boost metabolism and lose weight.

High-Intensity Workouts

Daily exercise can help you boost metabolism, improve your mental health, and reduce body weight. High-intensity workouts are a great idea because they burn plenty of calories in a short amount of time. They are designed to work various muscle groups and keep you motivated. They are fun and challenging, so you aren’t going to get bored.

High-intensity workouts allow you to mix up what you do. When you take part in the same workout day after day, you can hit a plateau. This format helps you to burn more calories and boost your metabolism. Your body will stay in calorie-burning mode for hours after you complete such a workout too.

Increase the Amount of Protein you consume

Plan your meals to include plenty of protein. This will help you get full on less food and stay full longer. Many people find increasing their intake of protein at each meal reduces cravings for sugar too. The body burns more calories as it processes the protein and uses it for fuel. This can help you turn body fat into lean muscle.

Eating fewer calories per day but still feeling full is important for weight loss. You shouldn’t feel deprived or hungry all the time. Eating more protein and fewer carbs at your meals will help you shed weight without it being difficult. Eating more protein at each meal helps keep your metabolism high and the fat burning going, even when you rest. It forces the body to burn fat rather than muscle when you consume fewer calories.

Lift Weights

To help boost your metabolism, lift weights several times per week. Avoid working the same muscles two days in a row. The body fat will reduce and the muscles increase when you rest those muscles, not when you work them. Don’t worry, lifting weights doesn’t mean you have to bulk up. It can be part of your workout plan to help you tone your arms and legs.

The amount of weight doesn’t have to be significant to offer value and boost your metabolism. Focus on completing more reps with each set rather than increasing the amount of weight you lift. When you lift weights regularly, your metabolism is going to stay higher and not drop. This allows you to continue to burn more fat and calories, even while resting or sleeping.

Spicy Foods

If you enjoy spicy foods, this can be a bonus in your quest to boost your metabolism. Adding such spices can bring out the flavor in your favorite meals. Try some new recipes too and see how you like them. Consuming spicy foods can help you burn more calories. Not everyone has a tolerance for spicy foods though so don’t make yourself miserable. You may need to experiment to see what you enjoy the flavor of the most.

Walk Around

Avoid a sedentary lifestyle as much as possible. If you sit for long periods due to your job, walk around when you can. Go for a brisk walk during your breaks and with the time remaining after you eat your lunch. Try to go for a walk after dinner to relax and get your body moving. Focus on moving around more and trying to cover more distance with your walks. A fast pace will help you boost your metabolism.
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